Dashboards & Analytics(Sales And Marketing Intelligence)

Euthenics has developed prepackaged advance Intelligent Reporting & Analytical Solution for Sales and Marketing for SAP and Non SAP users named as SMiS(Sales and Marketing Intelligence Solution).SMiS Solution helps Sales & Marketing decision maker to monitor distribution channel and sales force performance and adjusting to shifts in market share positions are imperative to optimizing market strategies and accurately and promptly managing sales reps, distributors, and partners is a key factor in supporting those business objectives.SMiS provides real-time, accurate and comprehensive view of the Sales & marketing Performance and align Marketing Strategies with Marketing Business Plan to gain better ROI through Performance Indicators, forecasting, variance to help Sales & marketing team for Better strategic Decisions Making to increase the market share. Learn More

Analysis Covered:

  • Executive Analysis
  • Sales and Distribution Analysis
  • Incentive & Profitability Impact Analysis
  • Field Force Productivity Analysis
  • Field Force Performance Effectiveness Analysis
  • Market Campaign and Promotion Analysis
  • Distributors Performance Analysis
  • Sales Representative Analysis

Reporting and Analytics Key Features:

  • Cross Functional Reporting
  • Ad hoc Reporting
  • Drill Down for Detail Informant ion
  • Extensive Scope of Forecasting and What-if Analysis
  • Scheduling ,Mailing And Alerting
  • Desktop Widget,For live reports and Analytics on Your PC’s Desktop
  • Intelligent Search Capabilities amongst a bundle of Reports and Analytics
  • Integration with any portal
  • Mobile support to User
  • Export to any Format like PDF,Flash ,EXcel,PPT,Word etc.

Executive Dashboard provides the Overall Organizational view of Sales Performance of regions/areas, products, tertiary performance analysis of (ABM/RSM/SM), profitability and Market share Impact on single screen with trends and status analysis. On the based of this analysis top management can know the overall status of organization and take more quickly.

Distributors Performance Analysis is providing region wise monthly analysis of fastest moving brands and regions analysis. It also visualizes the region wise monthly Distributor’s performance (like new customers, repeated customers and total customers) and queries resolution performance of marketing representatives.

Profitability And Incentive Analysis enables organizations to calculate, manage, report and analyze incentive compensation and variable pay plans for an organizations. This dashboard allows business users to manage and design flexible incentive models and policies, and its automated rules-based calculation engine can handle the most complex enterprise-wide incentive plans.

Market Campaign Analysis Maximize overall brand and product performance by better understanding which elements of the promotion and detailing mix drive results. Ensure the right mix of marketing campaigns to drive optimal results for the brand and to maximize marketing ROI. The cost and complexity of marketing and sales is always on the rise.Competition for brand share grows constantly as organizations improve their marketing strategies, reduce service costs, increase customer loyalty and work more closely with their distribution partners.

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