Customers Behavior Intelligent Reporting

Euthenics Customers Behavior Intelligent Reporting can visualizes the buyer decision making process, both individually and in groups. It studies characteristics of individual consumers such as demographics and behavioral variables in an attempt to understand people’s wants. It also tries to assess influences on the consumer from groups such as family, friends, reference groups, and society in general.

Sample Reports:

Customer Behavior Analysis Report:

This report contains all the analysis related to customer background.It visualizes order history analysis for 24 Months to know the behavior of order give by customer. It also includes the product lists which
are purchase most, least and never purchased. pdf

Electricity Usage Analysis Report:This Report model visualizes district wise power consumption with detail
level analysis. This report also includes total communication media used  for each district. Reports can
schedule by using your Business Objects Enterprise. You can view this report on your pc by using Desktop widget..pdf


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