Knowledge Management

Managing all types of assets such as Computers, Furnitures, Buildings that includes your list of assets.


Manage your organization’s assets through the entire lifecycle, from acquisition through retirement, with the Soffront Assets solution. Reduce asset related expenses and enhance employee/asset productivity. Streamline disaster recovery and asset disposal plans. Mitigate the effects of software license compliance audits.


Soffront Assets helps manage your portfolio of assets – whether they are IT or fixed assets like tables/chairs. Tag your asset; know where it is located and who is using it. Keep track of key information like life expectancy, current value, maintenance dates and warranty/contracts. With the add-on module, Soffront IT Asset Auditing, automatically discover your IT assets in the network and generate configuration information, such as the operating system and the software installed, on each machine. This information is integrated with Soffront Help Desk to reduce the problem resolution cycle at your IT help desk.


When an employee reports an issue, the exact configuration information is readily available.

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