CRM Portal

Its where the application runs. Its constitutes of the Customization tools & the business rules.CRM server also includes the three-tier web application, user setup

and security tools, powerful query and reporting engine.


Customization Tools help you customize Soffront CRM to match the way you work. Define your sales process and dynamically generate action buttons to guide users

through that process. Add fields and tables to capture all the information you want. Redesign the user interface and add new forms for the new data model. Do all this

without any programming knowledge! Combined with the configuration and individual personalization features, this powerful tool reduces your implementation time and

minimizes the risk of failure. Your investment in Soffront is preserved, as you change Soffront CRM with your changing business.


Soffront Business Rules is the business rules engine that runs 24X7 to monitor your business process. Define rules specific to your process, monitor them and

generate automatic actions/notifications when the rule is hit. Harness the full power of Soffront CRM, with Soffront Business Rules.


Leverage Business Rules in Sales, Marketing, Customer Support and Employee Support functions.

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