Consumer Packaged Goods

Business Intelligence solutions provide a comprehensive set of solutions to improve performance in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. CPG customers include leading apparel makers; makers of personal and household care products; food and beverage manufacturers; Paper industries. Business Intelligence solutions enable CPG companies to:

  • Sales and Marketing Effectiveness
  • Trade Promotion Effectiveness
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Enterprise Performance for CPG
  • Collaborative Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting
  • Brand Assortment Optimization

In terms of technology for the CPG sector, Business Intelligence provide a comprehensive set of BI solutions that help to improve performance, streamline organizational processes, increase profit margins, and, most importantly, meet and exceed customer expectations. With BI solutions, CPG organizations can:

  • Determine profitable trading partners and enable collaborative process improvement
  • Integrate management and financial reporting to improve performance
  • Reduce and control sales and marketing costs through improved analysis
  • Manage assets and improve capital utilization through accurate forecasting and analysis
  • Efficiently service customers over the internet

BI solution enables you to improve your understanding of campaign effectiveness, sales channel performance and the impact on margins of promotional pricing.

As a CPG customer, you can gain a broad yet detailed view of operations and improve commercial performance monitoring. Business Intelligence helps you to increase the value of your customer relationships and augment your organization’s overall goal, efficiency and profitability.
Business Intelligence benefits for CPG:

  • Save time and money with the rapid implementation of a specialized CPG BI solution
  • Significantly improve top- and bottom-line performance
  • Empower CPG business users to track, understand, and improve business performance
  • Enhance customer service and trade satisfaction
  • Increase effectiveness of sales and marketing activities, while also reducing and controlling costs
  • Low risk with a proven technology solution backed by the leaders in business intelligence and global management consulting

Business Intelligence helps you to gain the valuable insight into your brands, channels, and sales and marketing operations to enable the right business decisions and increase customer profitability.

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