Business Intelligence for SME’s

 India is home to 130 Lakhs SME’s and Micro-SME’s who are the growth engine of the country and contribute 60% to the economical growth of the country.

Euthenics aimed to provide BI solutions to SME’s and micro-SME to cater the business needs of SME’s and micro-SME industry segments.

Business Intelligence will help SME’s and micro-SME to increase their market share, productivity and minimize their cost in this fluctuating market scenario.

Till date SME and micro-SME were not able to get the benefits of BI because of its high cost and not affordable to them. FACTis- a Tally ERP BI Product gives the same benefits and value additions of BI to Tally.ERP 9 users at very affordable cost.

Keeping this objective in mind, Euthenics has specifically designed and developed FACTis- a Tally ERP BI Product for Tally.ERP 9 customers as Tally.ERP 9 is clear cut market leader in SME and micro-SME segment for ERP.

FACTis- a Tally ERP BI product designed for Tally .ERP 9 business users not just to run better, but to “run like never before” that will help SME and Micro SME to achieve more market share and improve their productivity to compete and become the large enterprises.

FACTis- a Tally ERP BI product is next evolution of the “Run Better” to manage your business efficiently.

FACTis is aimed at changing this perception, associating with business users and imagine their businesses running with greater agility and efficiency, to achieve amazing things for their customers.

Business Intelligence for Small and Medium Size Businesses:

During the last decade, large businesses have reaped benefits from their business intelligence (BI) platforms since they could afford resources to buy, implement and maintain BI solutions. These BI platforms enabled large businesses to comprehend and execute commercial analysis in a better fashion. While large businesses were going through this major change in their IT environment, small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) witnessed the improvements in larger businesses. These days SMEs have realized significant survival and financial benefits of acceptance and espousal of business intelligence.

Why SMEs Need Business Intelligence .

IT requirements, market challenges and commercial pressures faced by SMEs are not very different than those faced by large businesses. The difference is in the monetary capacity.For a business such as HP or Coca-Cola developing and introducing a certain product in the market based upon misread market interpretations will not become a survival problem. But if an SME makes the same mistake, it could be the beginning of its downfall. It’s a must for every SME to have the commercial intelligence to understand market trends for their products and services, which is why SMEs need business intelligence as much as larger businesses, if not more.

Stumbling Blocks for BI

While the rich businesses have empowered their users with BI, the mass of small and medium-size businesses have some hurdles to overcome incorporating BI into their IT infrastructure:

• High TCO (total cost of ownership) of a BI solution,

• Finding a perfect BI solution in a small range of choices to fit business requirements

• Costly resources to maintain and support BI

Euthenics has developed FACTis- a Tally ERP BI Product, which is cost effective looking to the above three constraints.

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