Business Intelligence For ERP Users

Euthenics IT’s “industry best practice” solutions approach focuses on maximizing the business value in the best possible time. Its objective is to balance the pressing demands of business and the cost and time that IT needs to ensure to create a long-term investment value.


For this, we select the world leading and most appropriate Analytics, Business Intelligence applications and stage the entire solution as per business priorities. This should result in a faster return on investment (ROI) through maximizing business value and thus reducing total cost of ownership (TCO).


Euthenics IT’s ERP Advance Intelligent Reporting and analytical solution offers to take a holistic preview and are based on the feedback received from different departments and IT-Heads while designing, delivering, and measuring the solutions through our Center of Excellence for different industry verticals.


Business is created and managed by people; however, it is continuously affected by terse global competitive market forces. Business Mangers and Executive teams cannot afford a delay in the right intelligence into their business until the desired or proposed systems are in place. Hence, in doing so, it becomes mandatory for them to derive analytical insight from whatever information its systems are collecting in whichever form. They need to get going with whatever information they have today.


As IT forms the backbone of today’s businesses, on one hand the departmental heads are under the pressure of delivering results depending on the available systems; whereas, on the other hand the IT has to balance and optimize the IT infrastructure costs while taking the required time for evaluating, implementing, and optimizing ERP, CRM, and other systems. However, the bottom-line is performance bottlenecks and disconnects in how cross-functional insight across all the departments helps the entire organization.


At Euthenics, we understand the business scenario and business pressures that Sr. Management, Middle Management, and Executives at all levels need to navigate and surpass in order to achieve their targets, goals, and company objectives; and demonstrate the value they create. However, this involves a phased implementation and integration of leading, ERP, CRM, and Analytical Intelligence systems, as well as homegrown systems further increasing the IT overload and dependency on multiple vendors.

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