BI For SAP Users

"Business Intelligence solutions for business users across industry verticals like FMCG,Retail,Pharmaceuticals,Chemicals,
Power&Energy and many more"

BI For ERP Users

"Euthenics IT's competent Advance Reporting and Analytics BI solution for ERP Users provides simulations to help predict outcomes and capabilities for a company to do extensive planning and take more informed day to day decisions."

BI For Tally Users

“Euthenics IT provides robust and competent Tally ERP BI product FACTis allowing Tally users to leverage Business Analytics anywhere and anytime. With FACTis Tally users can take fact-based decisions and gain significant competitive advantage.”

BI For CRM User

"Euthenics IT provides BI solutions for SAP users, empowering them to get visibility and critical insights hidden in business processes and SAP data, thereby enabling data analysis at the speed of thought."

Welcome to Euthenics IT

Euthenics IT was established in 2004 with Vision of Achieving excellence in BI solutions and helping organizations discover maximum value from their people and processes; and is a partner in their growth.

Euthenics IT is committed and dedicated towards bringing the maximum benefits and expertise of BI to SME and Micro-SME industries and the people; and be an active participant in national development through technological excellence.

Euthenics IT is a prominent solution provider in technology based management with leadership in critical solutions like Business Intelligence (BI), ERP, CRM DW Architecture (DWA), and Systems Integration (SI) for strategic business management through IT in today's information intensive and competitive markets demanding precision management

Euthenics IT aligns its vision with the day-to-day changing requirements of the IT industry and the new challenges & requirements of the Indian customers across different industry verticals. To keep pace with the changing requirements Euthenics has developed different Products to cater to the business requirements of the customers across different domains.

Euthenics IT has developed FACTis-BI '- Next Generation Analytics' product exclusively for business users to cater their critical business needs and enhance the power of existing ERP. FACTis-BI solutions for business users across industry verticals like FMCG, Retail, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Textiles, Manufacturing, Engineering, Power&Energy and many more."

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FACTis Executive Analytical Dashboards For TOP level Management
Supply Chain & Operation Intelligence
  • Bottom-line: Winning at the margins
  • Cost reduction in every process
  • It has accurate and timely information from Sales, Marketing, & Finance
  • Information is not available in an accurate, timely, and logically connected manner among Sales, Marketing, Finance, and Suppliers